Anthem Blue Cross of California – New Online Payment Options

The new online payment service is now live.  This service is designed to be easy, secure, and convenient. Members can their online payment using their checking account by visiting Click “Register”, set up a Log-in and look for the “Pay My Bill Online” link to get started.

Online Payment


Anthem Changes to Automatic Credit Card Billing

With the new online payment option available, the recurring, automatic credit card payment service will end on August 1, 2011.  Beginning in August, members who have been using automatic credit card payments or bi-monthly or quarterly billing will receive monthly statements unless they choose another payment method. While there is normally a $2 fee for paper statements Anthem is lifting this temporarily for all members beginning August 1st.  This will give members time to choose the payment choice that best fits their needs. Anthem will advise their members before they return to the $2 fee.


Other Payment Options

Members are always welcome to pay with Anthem’s free monthly checking deduction service by completing a form.  Contact your Agent or Anthem Blue Cross for more information.  Members can still pay with their checking account or credit card by calling Anthem’s Customer Service at (866) 249-4844.  A $15 convenience fee for each payment made through a customer service representative will apply.


Clients will Receive a Mailing by the end of May
Anthem Blue Cross is mailing new endorsements to members  beginning the last week of May that reflects updated online payment options and billing schedule. In addition to the new payment options and billing changes, the endorsements also reflect the following contract changes:


Updated language to contract sections titled Termination of Your Agreement and Our Right to Modify Your Agreement to comply with state requirements. The change also affects the pre-existing section to clarify that no pre-existing waiting period or exclusion will be applied for any conditions if the client is under the age of 19.


For PPO Share 5000 (contract code O6BZ):  Changing the copayment for Tier 2 prescription drugs from $15 to $35.  This was done to help keep premiums lower and benefits more in line with inflation.

Anthem Blue Cross New Online Payment Options.

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